How It’s Made

Luxury Walking Canes: Made for Stylish Appeal & Built for Unparalleled Durability

IMG_6248Our team at Luxury Walking Canes takes pride in every element of our working process. It’s how we ensure the product you receive meets the highest of standards in terms of quality, style and performance. Allow us to guide you through our working process:

Step One:

We begin by sourcing the finest quality, handcrafted Italian cane handles that come

in brass, nickel plated, gold plated, and sterling silver. We’ve developed strong business relationships with many leading companies in Italy to ensure a consistent supply chain.

Step Two:

Our professionals lathe the wood to ensure the cane is evenly weighted all the way through the product. This process provides a more comfortable feel to the product, ensures exceptional stability for long-term use and maintains the cane’s lightweight portability. Our lathing process also ensures the cane has a cleaner finish.

IMG_6224Step Three:

Once we’ve lathed the wood, we’re then able to wrap the carbon fiber, which customers have 2 texture options to choose from, around the material to provide that additional strength and rigidity. This process is carefully completed by our specialists using the latest manufacturing systems and their incredible eye for fine detail.

Step Four:

After the carbon fiber has been wrapped around the shaft of the cane, we then begin the curing process. Curing takes close to 48-hours and helps preserve the wood and prepare the material ready for the finishing process.

IMG_6215Step Five:

At this stage, we’re now ready to professionally finish the cane and then customize the product to suit the client’s requirements. It’s the stage in which we integrate the cane handle, which will offer ergonomic support and standout style. We offer 21 different cane designs to help meet the needs of our discerning clientele.

From the initial wood processing stages to the finishing of our custom cane products, Luxury Walking Canes utilizes a refined working process to deliver the highest quality canes to our clientele. To learn more on our design and manufacturing work, contact us directly today or visit our luxury canes product page.