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Stylish walking cane for men and WomenOur Story: High Quality, Stylish Canes Crafted through Adversity
Like our products, Luxury Walking Canes has been finely crafted to appeal to trendy clientele from all walks of life. Our company began with tragedy and is a testament to perseverance. My name is Maria Reis and, before I introduce my company, I’d like to take you back to June 29, 2006. It was a day that would change my life and the life of my son forever:

My son, Antonio, had become a diligent and highly motivated team member in mining sector in Ontario. Before he began this role, his commitment and likeable personality had helped Antonio create new companies and become a successful entrepreneur in his teens and late 20s. At the time, Antonio was a member of many respected business communities. He was a motivator and a born leader.

Often praised for his work ethic and commitment to team performance, Antonio was ready to take on any task to ensure exceptional results. On the morning of June 29, 2006, he was completing his duties on-site while operating a crane. As he was underneath the towering crane, one of the shackles snapped and hit my son Antonio’s head and, sent him several feet across the work space. It was an impact that caused several traumatic injuries to Antonio’s spine and brain and left Antonio in a coma for a month. As a mother, I feared the worst. But I knew my son. I knew his perseverance and resilience would help him survive after this tragic accident.

Antonio underwent several years of rehabilitation and painful treatment as a result of the traumatic brain injury he suffered. He was told that to have mobility, he would have to use a walking cane. Fiercely independent, he didn’t like the idea at all. He found that the only options available in the market didn’t match his personal style. He wanted a cane that was fashionable, strong and could be used as a marker of his independence rather than dependence. Unable to find that ideal product for my son, I decided that it was time to create a response to this gap in the marketplace. Luxury Walking Canes was formed.

Now, Luxury Walking Canes is offering unique custom-made high quality canes for our customer-base. We craft stylish walking canes for men and fashionable walking canes for women. Each of the canes we manufacture is exceptionally strong, and built using carbon fiber material for rigidity. And we’re now the specialist of note offering lightweight, luxury canes for discerning customers. It’s a brand built from the ground-up, for distinguished cane users like my son.

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